A rotten night in Rotherham

Apologies for the delay. I was in far too foul a mood still on Wednesday evening to write an objective review of our performance on Tuesday night; I’ve had some time to calm down a bit now and also ‘enjoyed’ reading the wide range of opinions on social media following our battering at the hands of the Millers. First of all it is important to … Continue reading A rotten night in Rotherham

Points shared at Pompey

And it should have been all 3! For me that was the most impressive performance of the season. We maybe played better football in parts against Oldham but in many ways this was the best I have seen the Saddlers in this early stage of the season. Firstly the pressing. Especially for the first 20/25 minutes we were right on top of every single Pompey player … Continue reading Points shared at Pompey

Predictably Poor

Last week I wrote about trying to stay positive heading into the new season; it didn’t take long for that slight bit of optimism to be washed out of me. Like everyone and their dog has been saying for months, we don’t have enough width, our strikers aren’t scoring enough or even being given the opportunity to get in behind the opponents defence and our … Continue reading Predictably Poor