There is a huge amount of optimism around Walsall FC at the moment. An away day sold out at the weekend, a bumper crowd expected Saturday, circa 150 extra season tickets sold and what looks likely to be another sell-out at Crewe.

The fans are in high spirits, and it seems we are actually looking forward to our home opener more than any home game I can remember for a while. Bring your mates, bring your family, bring your boss – it seems we all want to make Saturday a very special occasion.

The atmosphere is sure to be electric, and if we can harness any of the scenes we saw at Northampton Away, the Bescot will have an almost carnival atmosphere to it. Lots of video’s made the rounds of the Saddlers faithful in full voice, but one that got a lot of attention was from Saddlers Fan Seb: A young content creator who follows the Saddlers week in week out, and captures the scenes for his YouTube Channel, Super Saddler Seb.

Seb captured a great video of Saturdays Game which quickly racked up over 1,300 views, showcasing the buoyant Walsall fans, and the jubilant scenes as Man of the Match Liam Roberts worked the crowd at full time. In a bid to support the next generation of Saddlers Content Creators, the blog caught up with Seb to get his thoughts on all things Walsall and what his plans are to bring more great content to the Saddlers Fans:

Seb you got some great footage of the fans on Saturday- how long have you been vlogging Walsall games and what got you into it?

I did some vlogs in the 17/18 season but I started properly in the 18/19 season. I started vlogging so I could capture the game the atmosphere and get fans opinions on.

Looks like it will be a big crowd on Saturday – will you be vlogging the FGR game?

Going to be a good atmosphere on Saturday. I will be vlogging the game hopefully we can get the three points

What’s your favourite thing about a Walsall matchday?

Going to support the club I love. Through thick and thin I will always be a Saddler.

You have loads of videos on your channel – what’s your favourite one?

There is a lot to choose from but I would have to say the vlog against Coventry (the one we won 2-1 in the league). Two last-minute winners. What a game. Scenes!

If you could do a video interview with one current Walsall player who would it be and why?

If I could interview one player it would have to be Liam Kinsella. Came up through the Walsall ranks and been at the club since he was 8. I think he’s our best player. His attitude and work rate is outstanding. He’s tackling too, it’s brilliant. An inspiration. KIN KIN KINSELLA

What’s your goals for your Youtube channel?

My goal for my YouTube channel is to keep growing. My target is to hit 1k subscribers (help him out here!)

How do you think the saddlers will get on this season? Do you think we’ll get promoted?

I think going to be a tight season this season. I think we will finish 7th but hopefully higher up. I think Darrell Clarke is the right man to get us back to League One. I think we will get promoted to the playoffs. UP THE SADDLERS!


Keep up the great work Seb. Watching his vlog and seeing the excitement and positivity amongst fans on Saturday reminded me what an opportunity we have now to capitalise on this positivity. As Leigh Pomlett has said, numbers through the turnstiles will be the main way we can make a difference this season- so bring the family, bring your mates, bring the bloke from down the pub.

Maybe this New Era can inspire the next generation, and fans like Seb to continue spreading the positive vibes at Walsall FC.

Whatever the result on Saturday I am sure there will be a raucous atmosphere.. bring it on. COYR.

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Content creator from Birmingham, I write for ''TGSF1'' , ''The General Sportsman'' and ''The Fourth Tier Feeling''. I also host TGSF1 on YouTube & TikTok. I have always loved writing and being creative, I started the Walsall FC Blog Several years ago and have since moved into creating video content around my passion for Formula One. Having always played and loved watching sport, I tend to have an opinion on a huge host of sports. Football is my one true love but my appetite for F1 is insatiable and I also really loved Darts, Ice Hockey, Golf, Rugby, tennis... the list goes on.

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