George Dobson returns to the Saddlers from Sparta Rotterdam on a 2 and a half year deal.

On a personal level, I think this is a good signing by the Saddlers. Whilst Dobson is not likely to be the player that gives us the attacking penetration and goals we so desperately need to win games, he is a sturdy midfielder who (by the looks of his contract length) is set to be a ‘long-term’ replacement for Adam Chambers.

In the first half of last season I did not think too much of him, but from Christmas onwards he looked more than capable at this level and he is better than the current stock of players we have on our bench, which has lacked depth all year. Though he may not be the most exciting player to watch I think he will help the cause (which unfortunately looks more and more like survival than anything else).

Whilst many seem to agree with me that this is a good bit of business from the Saddlers, equally as many are still seething with the club and have not been as excited by the announcement.

A lot of the annoyance has been directed at the ‘hype’ the club has been making about the re-introduction of Dobson to the squad. Re-Tweeting a large proportion of the welcoming Tweets goes strongly against the impregnable wall of silence the club puts up when fans are at their most vocal in outrage. And whilst I too get annoyed when the club remains silent on certain issues, I don’t really understand what else fans expect, nor do I have any major problem with the club being excited when announcing a signing.

It’s not as though the club is going to Tweet ‘’Welcome back George Dobson- some of you like him, some of you think he’s wank, that’s all we have to say…’ – as amusing as that would be.

Equally many comments are suggesting that the club is trying to distract from rising criticism that has peaked with the announcement of fan protests during the Oxford home game. Again I take SOME issue with this. Having seen George Dobson in the suits earlier this season it seems the player may have been lined up for a return after being unsettled abroad and there is no logic in delaying an announcement IMO. If he had already agreed on terms with us before today or even if it was finalised today, the club is obviously going to announce it. If anything as a fan base we are normally craving early signings and announcements – get business done early then get on with settling the player in.

Saying that it is very convenient for the club to make this announcement (which has been greeted favourably by many) during a time of fan unrest – but I do think its unfair to look for malice in everything the club does especially when (to my eye at least) there is none.

It’s a strange time to be a fan at the moment. The thing I am disliking the most is the divide in fan opinion. When liking or agreeing with the club on any issue suddenly brands you a ‘Happy Clapper’, or being passionate enough to protest/demonstrate makes you an anarchist, it is hard to see a middle ground that we can all reach to.

Results, I hope, can be the thing that brings us together- but a 4/5 game winning streak seems like something only dreams are made of and even then I am not convinced I will find myself any more pleased with the current regime than I am right now. Somethings got to give.

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