Well, that was a surprise. Like many others voiced on social media early Saturday afternoon, I actually thought that starting line up was some sort of joke.

With a fair few out with knocks and minor injuries paired with the dropping of in form Kory Roberts, I was almost certain that Whitney had shot himself in the foot once more. But, that 11 put in what is arguably the performance of the season.

Outside of the first 10 minutes when I was worried we were heading for another boring game (lots of hopeful long passes and the ball seeming to go out for a throw-in every 30 seconds) I was entertained. For the first time in possibly 3 months, I WAS ENTERTAINED WATCHING WALSALL FC!

Do I think Whitney is suddenly the manager we want him to be? No. However as bad as Scunthorpe looked, it was us who made them play so poorly- It looked like the boys had been told to press high, fast and early. It worked a treat, I don’t think I have seen Baka work so hard since Portsmouth away, and with Morris on the wing, he too seemed much more lively and interested in stopping the other team playing as well as attacking.

The middle of the park looked well balanced with Flo, Chambers and Ozzy teaming up well. The players seemed up for it. Whatever was or wasn’t said by the manager, the team just looked good, I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Beating 3rd in the league is an achievement. And whilst I don’t think we can point to one good performance in a long time as a reason to forget all our frustrations, credit where credit is due.

A great team performance from the Saddlers and one of the best post-match feelings I have felt in a long time. 3 league wins in a row and in this crazy division, we are somehow 3 points off 8th with a game in hand.

Let’s hope we put in the same type of performance in the next few weeks and maybe we can have a few more smiles around Walsall Fc. COYR.


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