It wasn’t too long ago our opponents fans were crying about what tough men we were. Post Portsmouth I almost believed Whitney when he droned on about the passion, desire and commitment he had instilled in this team, but he clearly can’t muster it from the players anymore…Where has that edge been in the last few weeks?

For the first time this season I was really shocked by his tactics. The team selection was crazy. No Nicky Devlin (arguably our best defender of the season so far), no Roberts (our best defender of the last 2 weeks), no Agyei (one of our most explosive and influential players recently) and no Ozzy (…)

Looking at the starting 11 you knew exactly what the game was going to be…fucking boring. We literally offered nothing in the first half. Lack of imagination, lack of width when we had the ball and a lack of bastardry. The most aggression I saw from the reds was the argument over who would take the penalty. Thankfully Roberts managed to steal the ball away from Baka and slam it home.

The game was screaming for Oztumer imo. And we did get to see him- for 5 whole minutes at the expense of T. Roberts who was again our most threatening player…

We did have a couple of chances to nick it at the death, Baka and Ozzy both wasteful and selfish at the most crucial moments. The travelling fans animosity to Whitney growing game by game.

I’ve not read his post match comments yet but I am sure they’ll be full of absolute dross. Sorry to say Jon but you have lost another fan to your cause; Whitney Out- COYR….


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