Apologies for the delay. I was in far too foul a mood still on Wednesday evening to write an objective review of our performance on Tuesday night; I’ve had some time to calm down a bit now and also ‘enjoyed’ reading the wide range of opinions on social media following our battering at the hands of the Millers.

First of all it is important to note to anyone who was not at the game or hasn’t seen the highlights just how different we looked compared to the team that had put together some real pieces of quality (at home) this season. I think Adam Guest in his piece for the lads at Wednesbury Road summed it up perfectly; we seemed to be playing a 4-W-T-F at times. It was genuinely difficult to watch- I’ve never actually seen headless chickens, but I am absolutely certain I now know what that would look like.

Everyone just seemed out of sync with one another. Adam Chambers, one of my absolute favourite players for Walsall seems to have lost it. It pains me to say it, but he did not look half a yard off the pace Tuesday, he looked 3 or 4 yards off the pace. That is probably the 3rd or 4th time I have said that this season already and unfortunately I can’t see it being the last. Not that anyone else on the pitch played much better mind…Ozzy seemingly unable to impose himself on the game again and the defence conceding 4 in the first 31 minutes was embarrassing to say the least.

The Millers second goal was a perfect microcosm of the game. Rotherham moving from deep in their own half into our final third with no one applying any pressure to them at all. A decent cross into the middle was then turned home into the CENTRE OF THE GOAL from an angle where you would expect only the most meticulously placed header to bulge the net… an out of place Gillespie left red faced, that just about summed us up; out of place, off the pace and not at the race(s) [almost worked].

Once the third hit the back of the net I decided to take myself to the bar, half- joking that I couldn’t be arsed to watch them score again before half time…funny that. (ignore the shite spelling below)

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The only thing that kept the night entertaining was a load of fun in the stands. When the whistle blew for full time I was happy to head to the exits with no more drama. That was until Whitey decided he would run away down the tunnel without even a glance to the travelling fans. I was genuinely disgusted that after a 5-1 battering away from home on a Tuesday night the manager couldn’t find it in himself to head over to the fans and raise his hands in apology. Say what you want about Jon Whitney but I had never pegged him as a coward, but I found the lack of courage to address the fans after that mess pretty shameful.

Some online have pinned this down to ‘ahh it’s just a one off’ – Well I’m afraid no away win in 16 league games is not a one off. Its a pretty fucking consistent embarrassing pattern. I want Whitney to do well, I genuinely do. Having a physio who has been at the club for donkeys years who took over the club at times when we were manager-less and guided us to a playoff semi-final to then actually do well and maybe get us to somewhere decent would be the thing movies are made of. But this isn’t Hollywood. It’s a shitty cold wet trip to Rotherham on a Tuesday night and it was a load of wank-fuckery.

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