Apology not accepted Jon.

(I’ve waited 24 hours before writing this to try and  calm down…it hasn’t worked).

The Saddlers come away having lost to soon-to-be 4th tier Coventry City in one of the worst (if not THE worst) performances of the season.

After the boys drew with Charlton and then lost to Fleetwood in the space of a week last month the season was over. At the time I wrote that the players needed to find some motivation now else the season would peter out to nothing and we would lose games we should easily be winning…

Since that loss (Fleetwood) we haven’t put in 1 decent 90 minute performance IMO and as someone who tries to stay positive as a fan, I’m starting to really question what this team is capable of under Jon Whitney.

I’ll acknowledhe him for his willingness to apologise to the fans and we all know he is trying his hardest, but for me that just doesn’t cut it after yesterday. What was yesterday’s game plan? Even our best and most consistent players looked absolutely clueless. The fans travelled in good numbers again, (just shy of 1000 yesterday and just shy of 1200 on Friday) and we come away disappointed once more.

If our senior players are mentally already on the beach in Ibiza then I would honestly welcome a complete new starting 11 for Tuesday night; there’s no way even the youth team would have looked so lackluster out there.

I have very little to write about the performance as I don’t recall us doing anything exciting all game. An O’Connell header cleared off the line in the second half the most  interesting thing to happen on the pitch. That was about 10 minutes before the Irishman saw red for a second bookable offence. A rash challenge after he’d lost out in a 50/50 saw our CB walk. No complaints from me at the time and none now having rewatched the highlights. Ironically O’Connell was actually playing quite well I thought, carrying the ball forward more often than our midfield.

The fact that Walsall fans were throwing punches amongst themselves in the second half tells you everything you needed to know about the performance. Though it was only a couple of rows behind me I am unsure what caused it, but I’d be very surprised if anything had kicked off if we’d been up 2-0…

Really really disappointed with the management and players after yesterday. On to Tuesday with absolutely no confidence that we will win against a Vale team fighting for their lives… COYR

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Content creator from Birmingham, I write for ''TGSF1'' , ''The General Sportsman'' and ''The Fourth Tier Feeling''. I also host TGSF1 on YouTube & TikTok. I have always loved writing and being creative, I started the Walsall FC Blog Several years ago and have since moved into creating video content around my passion for Formula One. Having always played and loved watching sport, I tend to have an opinion on a huge host of sports. Football is my one true love but my appetite for F1 is insatiable and I also really loved Darts, Ice Hockey, Golf, Rugby, tennis... the list goes on.

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