It’s finally over! The international break has finished and we can start looking forward to domestic football once more.

Last week I wrote BUSY MONTH AHEAD -PART 1 on the first three games of April, so today I will be focusing on the final four games of next month. My views and opinions will no doubt change by the time Swindon come into town on the 17th, but these are my thoughts looking ahead.

When planning this piece it suddenly dawned on my how friendly the final run in has been to us. Playing many teams struggling to win games, there’s a lot of points to be had this month- had we managed to pick up a few more earlier in the season I’m sure we would have been looking good for a top 6 finish…no point worrying now.

The Robins are currently sitting in the final 4. Coming just 3 days after Shrewsbury, Swindon represent a very winnable fixture. Struggling to score goals I can’t see them posing too much of a threat, although they will be fighting for their lives (if they’re not already down) so we need to be able to match them in order to come away with three points. A pretty dull fixture in relation to the game preceding and following it but that shouldn’t make for a excuse for anything but a win.

Then an away day to Coventry. Last time at the Ricoh we came away with a point after a tidy equaliser from Tommy Bradshaw. This time I am sure we can win it but I am convinced the most action may come off the pitch. Coventry are set to drop to the 4th tier of English football…their fans will be in a wild mood and with a touch of local animosity in the air I’m sure it’ll be a great away day to be part of.

Then another local side just a few days later. Vale a team I never find enjoyable to watch. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Vale squad play decent football for a sustained part of the game, although there may be a touch of the pot calling the kettle black the way the Reds have varied their performances this campaign. Again a team I think we can and will take 3 points off and possibly send them down a league in the process.

We finish the season with a home game against the franchise. The MK Dons are a team I always want to beat for obvious reasons: they represent to me a sad moment in football and I was absolutely ecstatic when Wimbledon beat them a few weeks ago. It’s always nice to end the season on a win, but I think it will be two mid table teams playing the season out with nothing on the line.

Beach shorts and sandals at the ready folks, it’ll be the off season before we know it 😦 …. COYR

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Content creator from Birmingham, I write for ''TGSF1'' , ''The General Sportsman'' and ''The Fourth Tier Feeling''. I also host TGSF1 on YouTube & TikTok. I have always loved writing and being creative, I started the Walsall FC Blog Several years ago and have since moved into creating video content around my passion for Formula One. Having always played and loved watching sport, I tend to have an opinion on a huge host of sports. Football is my one true love but my appetite for F1 is insatiable and I also really loved Darts, Ice Hockey, Golf, Rugby, tennis... the list goes on.

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