What a run. The saddlers find themselves heading into Charlton on Saturday having secured back to back wins this week at the Bescott, completing a run of 6 wins in 6 at home.

Whilst I unfortunately couldn’t make it Tuesday night, the highlights and proceeding interviews seem to suggest it was the most comfortable of 1-0 wins. Morris, Jackson, Osbourne, Dobson, Oztumer and Baka all potentially could have joined Scott Laird on the scoresheet- but 3 points is 3 points and all of a sudden the Saddlers find themselves in 8th place.

Another £1 on it’s way to Laird from his Gran and his two way top goalscorer battle with Jason McCarthy reignited. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the passion shown from those two players in particular seems to have filtered through the whole squad; it’s great to see so much desire and willingness to win especially from players on loan. The sooner we can agree terms with them or even secure them back on loan for next season the better.  A fantastic win under the lights and one to keep the momentum rolling into the weekend…

Last Saturday the boys battled through a feisty encounter with Oldham. Anthony Gerrard returned to the Bescott, twice the man he was before, block 4 delighting in ‘he’s big, he’s scouse, he’ll EAT ya fuckin house, Ant Gerrard Ant Gerrard!

A mindless and very dangerous challenge early in the first half saw Oldham reduced to 10, Jason McCarthy lucky to come away unscathed. From that point on the game was very comfortable. The crowd was watching in anticipation and though the lads dominated possession for the remainder of the first half, there was no real chances created that couldn’t be snuffed out by what looks to be a very quality Oldham goalkeeper.

It took a rush to the head from another player to give Walsall the breakthrough. A rash lunging challenge from their centre back on the advancing Simeon Jackson giving Ozzy the opportunity from the spot. One he took cooly. Baka added to it late in the game with a powerful drive into the top corner having already secured a second red for Oldham who’s player reacted poorly to Baka fouling him.

All in all two solid performances at home and 2 more clean sheets for Neil. Whilst I still feel the playoffs may be a distant dream (mostly due to others game in hands) at least the season hasn’t petered out like I thought it would a month or so ago. There’s still a flicker of hope and if the players show passion the likes of which you can see below, you just never know… COYR 


scot lairs



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